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No disrespect to Monica Ali whom I have read and liked.  But why does her entire review  of “The Golden House” consist really of a short form version of the book?  Why.? There is so much more to this  novel than a book flap summary.  And I do agree Rene was kind of self-important and hardly drove the story for me, but still – there is no need to do a book summary (remember those in school) and call it a “book review”.  It seems lazy.

Author: voolavex

Read far too much. Mostly everything. India - lots. Two children. One sings; the other doesn't. One RD. Insider info One Other Son, New Extra Son Pets. Cats. Lots. One BBBBF - of 36 yrs Over a certain age but who cares. Vain, but no tweaks or lifts. Happily Married (Cougar in my mind) 22 yrs. Opinions on everything One word~ Pragmatic Weaknesses: Books, shoes, handbags, makeup, thrift stores How Do I Look - Better than I should. My Life So Far. Great ride everywhere in excellent company. Mostly.

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